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Hi-Tex PR has served clients since 2004. Principal Consultant and CEO Stephanie Nelson has advised executives and led teams at start-ups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies, helping them move their strategic initiatives from vision to realization through content creation, change management strategies and effective communications infrastructure.

About Me

Stephanie has advised executives and teams at organizations ranging from boutique agencies to niche service providers, from small/medium businesses to complex global enterprises with people in every region of the world.
With an MBA in international management/marketing from the University of Texas at Dallas and a BA degree from Wellesley College, Stephanie grew up in the international oil business in Europe and North Africa. She has worked overseas and domestically for several prominent energy, chemical, material science, and IT service companies. An animal lover, Stephanie spends her spare time caring for several pets at home in the Houston area. You might see her walking her two (standard and mini-doodle) poodles in her north Houston neighborhood.


Who we are

Hi-Tex PR

We offer custom communications plans and services that position, promote, and publicize your business or project. With more than 25 years in the corporate and IT communications business, Hi-Tex moves quickly and gets things done well

Publicity Plan

Design and refine a strategic plan for your business to grow and prosper.

Press releases

Write, edit, publish via wire service of your choice; Social media included.

Publicity Campaigns

Develop editorial calendars and draft articles for publication, write executive speeches, video scripts and presentations, research and writing blog posts, and prepare subject-matter experts for press interviews and more.

Video/digital and social content

Write, refine and publish website content that tells your story visually and verbally.

Change Management Communications

Not all IT implementations and organizational transformations are the same. The complexity and magnitude of multi-year programs involving new technologies, processes, standards, and ways of working require careful planning and execution. Hire Hi-Tex PR LLC to help get your communication strategy off to the races.

Our Services

Free Consultation

30 min

Strategic Planning Session

1 hr/150$

ESG Strategy Consultation

1 hr/10$

Content Strategy & Mgmt. Consultation

1 hr

Brand Positioning Analysis

1 hr/300$

Change Management Consultation

1 hr/150$


Let Our Clients Speak for Themselves

Alice Smith

"I highly recommend the Change Management Consultation services provided by HI REX PR. The team was able to assess our organization's needs and provide practical solutions that helped us successfully navigate through a major change. The results have been impressive and we have seen a significant improvement in employee engagement and productivity."

Natalie Joane

"The strategic planning session with HI TEX PR was incredibly valuable. The team was able to identify key priorities and set clear goals for the upcoming year. The facilitator was skilled in guiding the conversation and keeping us on track. I highly recommend this session for any company looking to get their team on the same page and move forward with purpose. 5 stars!!"

Rachel Williams

"I was skeptical about the value of a sustainability consulting firm, but working with HI TEX PR completely changed my mind. They helped us understand the financial and reputational benefits of going green, and provided clear and actionable steps to get us there. We've seen a positive response from our customers and stakeholders since implementing their recommendations.

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